A Fascinating Look At Polarized Sunglasses

People have been raving about polarized sunglasses like the ones sold by Nuke Optics.

It is indeed a wonderful invention that makes people’s lives easier and much more comfortable, since the lenses of polarized sunglasses are coated with a special chemical film the reduces glare from bright lights, such as the one that comes from the sun as it bounces off a reflective surface such as water, or a mirror. Glare is an ugly thing as it hampers people’s vision. Decreasing glare allows a person to see things more clearly. Another wonderful benefit of blocking glare is the reduction of the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Image source: youtube.com

The problem is that the light from the sun travel in almost every direction, which means that when its rays hit something flat, the light is reflected and magnified. This reflected and magnified light is at the very least irksome. But it can also lead to untold dangers as it takes away depth perception, causing people to be unaware of level changes in the paths in front of them. It can confuse a person’s perception of color as well, and glare can be temporarily blinding.

Whereas regular sunglasses can only reduce either horizontal or vertical light, polarized sunglasses can absorb horizontal light, but allow vertical light to pass through. This is how glare is defeated.

Image source: contactsadvice.com

Alejandro Federico Marin is the owner Nuke Optics, a world-famous eyewear company. Learn more about sunglasses by visiting this blog.


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